The HuT at CERIS Annual Event 2024

News release / June 25, 2024

Excerpt: The discussions highlighted the importance of both local and international cooperation in building disaster-resilient societies.

Our coordinator Michele Calvello and Guido Rianna, presented The HuT project during the CERIS Annual Event 2024, participating in the following panels: DRR Research in the context of UN/EU cooperation, Role of National and Thematic Networks – Interactions with CERIS, Synergy-Building among DRR research and capacity-building projects, Combining top-down and bottom-up cooperation in Disaster Risk Management – Challenges and perspectives, and Breaking the walls and/or Bridging Sectors and Disciplines.

Their contributions emphasized the project’s innovative approach to disaster risk reduction and the significance of collaboration across various levels and sectors.

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News release / June 25, 2024

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