First local DDR nexus forum in Hungary

Project Update / June 6, 2023

Excerpt: The Middle Tisza demo site (Hungary) has its first local DRR nexus forum on June 7th.

The Middle Tisza District Water Directorate (so called KÖTIVIZIG with Hungarian acronym) organizes the Local DRR nexus Forum in the frame of The HuT project on the 7th of June in Szolnok, Hungary.

The Middle Tisza District is located in the heart of the Hungarian Great-Plain, mostly flat and rural area. The effects of climate change are even more sensible, the territory of the water directorate is often affected by weather extremes, like (pluvial and fluvial) floods, heavy rain, water scarcity and drought, which have effects on water quantity and water quality issues.
The Middle Tisza District Water Directorate (KÖTIVIZIG) is one of the 12 water directorates in Hungary and is responsible for the general water management in Middle Tisza District. Among others it is responsible for flood protection, irrigation, inland excess water protection, water quality, maintenance of channels, rivers, dikes and water management facilities, the operation of Lake Tisza (Kisköre-reservoir). The directorate supervises the industrial facilities and sewage water treatment plants in its territory as well.

mobile app

The KÖTIVIZIG developed the VÍZ24 mobile application (2017-2020), which is used by the municipalities in the directorate’s territory in case of pluvial flood, especially caused by heavy rain.
The KÖTIVIZIG initiates further development of the VÍZ24 mobile application for risk reduction and pluvial flood defence in the urban areas. Organizers invited relevant stakeholders, which are involved and interested in pluvial flood’s defence, like municipalities vulnerable for pluvial flood, relevant experts of water management and disaster management, spatial planning experts and engineers.The meeting’s main aim is to collect useful and appropriate ideas and feedbacks from the stakeholders through which the application will be developed, enhancing the sufficient management and prompt reaction in case of pluvial flood situations.

More then 30 participants have already confirmed their attendance.

Photo provided by KÖTIVIZIG and Unsplash

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