Staging EWS stories at Ars Electronica Festival

Project Update / September 19, 2023

Excerpt: The HuT was presented at Ars Electronica Festival

One of our partners, GERICS, co-conducted a workshop during the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria.

The workshop entitled ‘CCI Thrive’ dealt with cultural business models. Three clusters were identified and The HuT was presented as an example of science-art cooperation in the field of environment and sustainability.

Now more than ever it is pivotal to communicate about the challenges of the climate crisis and to encourage behavioural change.
Fostering community engagement is not an easy task and, while developing concrete measures is important, involving artists and creativity might be an additional approach that can help to reach communities.

The HuT is indeed developing a science-art nexus that aims to observe how such cooperation can promote acceptance of DRR within communities and engage citizens. The final goal would be to make a case for artistic practices to be used to support innovation transfer and, finally, to push policy-makers, stakeholders and communities to commit to finding new solutions to the issue of climate extremes.


Picture provided by GERICS

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