The European Commission equips the society for greater climate resilience

News release / March 19, 2024

Excerpt: The HuT project commits to provide tools for grater climate resilience

2023 was the hottest year on record: Brasil hit the record temperature of 44.8 °C. There is no denying climate change, but it is imperative now more than ever to understand how to anticipate and manage all the climate risks.

The European Environment Agency has just published a scientific report replying to the first ever European Climate Risk Assessment (EUCRA). This document entitled “Communication on managing climate risks in Europe” outlines strategies for the EU and its Member States to mitigate the growing threats posed by climate change. This Communication highlights the need for collaboration amongst all sectors of society: from EU institutions, to regional and local authorities to citizens and businesses.

The Communication proposes a comprehensive approach to building climate resilience, emphasising proactive measures to safeguard societal functions, economic competitiveness and public health.

The key four action areas outlined are:

  • improved governance
  • empowering risk owners
  • structural policies
  • financing climate resilience

The HuT project shares this committment and works in order to provide innovative and human-centric disaster risk reduction (DRR) tools and activities with the aim of helping all sectors of the society to mitigate climate risks effectively. The innovative solutions that The HuT will propose will be highly transferable across various territorial contexts and hazards.

For further information on the “Communication on managing climate risks in Europe“, please visit the European Commission’s official website.


Photo from Unsplash by Markus Spiske.

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