Theatre Performance “Storie in piena” at Teatro di San Rocco

Project Update / May 30, 2024

Excerpt: Cesena, Italy – May 19, 2024 – "Storie in piena," a gripping and emotional Playback Theatre performance, took center stage at Teatro di San Rocco in Cesena, delivering a unique and engaging experience.

“Storie in piena” has been launched in collaboration with the The HuT Nexus to further the studies human responses during disasters by gathering the stories to understand the factors influencing human reactions in such crises and to develop solutions for mitigating future risks. 

Commemorating the first anniversary of the devastating flood that struck the region Emilia Romagna, the event engaged audience actively contributing their personal testimonies and stories, which were then transformed into live theatrical scenes. This interactive format, a hallmark of Playback Theatre, allows the script to be “written” by the audience, with actors honoring real-life narratives through their performances. 

The scenes presented were likened to “mandalas”—ephemeral sand sculptures on the seashore—each one unique and unrepeatable, capturing the distilled emotions of the storytellers through movement, gesture, sound, and form. 

Key contributors to the event included Michele Calvello, project coordinator of The Hut from the University of Salerno, the Fuori Scena Theatre Company, the Oltresavio District, the Cesena Flood Victims Committee, and Tipografia Gegraf. 

Photo credits : Fulvio Zambianchi

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