6th European Climate Change Adaptation Conference 2023

Dublin / June 19, 2023

Excerpt: ECCA Conference in Dublin

Discussing about climate change challenges is pivotal. Since the last ECCA conference in May and June 2021, Europe experienced the warmest summer on record, accompanied by severe floods in western Europe and dry conditions in the Mediterranean.

ECCA conference will be hybrid: adaptation experts – researchers’ and practitioners, policy-makers, local authorities, the private sector with a focus on businesses already engaged and taking action on climate risk, investors, NGOs, citizens organisations, youth and education organisations, community groups engaged in adaptation, communicators and all interested individuals – will be present both online and in Dublin over two days.

Main topics will be:

  • Stepping Up Climate Action: Support Through Climate Platforms and Services
  • Adaptation Responses to Sea Level Rise and Coastal Change
  • Nature-Based Solutions for Climate Change Adaptation
  • Preparing for More Frequent and Severe Climate Extremes
  • Reframing Societal Transformation by Challenging Underlying Assumptions
  • Climate and Social Resilience of Future Energy Infrastructure and Systems

The aim of the conference is to exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge on mitigation measures and its possible solutions. In so doing, we can continue to develop cutting-edge climate action tools, decision-support platforms and prototype climate services for adapting to the climate challenges they are tasked with addressing.

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Photo on Unsplash, by Li-An-Lim

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