Playback Theatre performance in Cesena, Italy

Cesena / May 19, 2024

Excerpt: The HuT collaborates with local theatre company to commemorate the flood that hit Cesena, Italy in 2023. Do not miss the performance!

The local theatre company C’erac’è – PlayBack Theatre organises “Storie in piena. Improvvisamente l’alluvione” to commemorate the flood that hit Cesena, Italy in 2023.

Playback theatre is a form of theatre that focuses on gathering real life experiences from people and then representing them through theatre. In this case, the theatre will tell the story of people hit by the flood in 2023.

The HuT organises these events striving to understand human response during disasters in order to develop solutions that can help to face future risks.

The event will take place from 18h to 21h at the local church theatre (Via Farini 248, Cesena, Italy). The event is free and includes buffet. Do not miss it if you are located in the area!


  • Welcome
  • Playback theatre performance (1h20min)
  • Anonymous interviews and survey to collect real life experiences (15 min)

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