Upcoming events

Austria / September 4, 2024

Ars Electronica 2024

Save the date for the Ars Electronica Festival

Past events

Amsterdam / June 12, 2024

3rd International Conference – Natural Hazards and Risks in a Changing World

Addressing Compound and Multi-Hazard Risk

Online / May 7, 2024

Real-time monitoring using IoT technology

Do not miss the webinar to discuss The HuT's preliminary results and find out more about the LandAware network

/ April 14, 2024

EGU 2024

The HuT organises a short course at EGU 2024: Transdisciplinary research: how to learn from each other while fostering specific expertise

Brussels / December 4, 2023

CERIS’ Disaster Resilient Societies annual event

2023 Edition

Milan / November 22, 2023

SISC2023: Mission Adaptation! Managing the risk and building resilience

11th Annual Conference dealing with climate change

Brussels / September 28, 2023

Enhancing collaboration and transfer from research to policymakers in the DRR context

The HuT takes part to Societal Resilience Cluster in a Stakeholder Forum in Brussels

Online / September 15, 2023

Full Circle Playback Theatre Dublin & The HuT Project present: A series of online performances

Are you a climate scientist, artist, activist or person concerned by climate extremes? Are you interested in collaboratively addressing challenges of our time?

London / September 11, 2023

Creating Effective Warning for All

UCL organises a Conference in September in London focusing on designing, implementing, and maintaining effective warnings for all

Dublin / June 19, 2023

6th European Climate Change Adaptation Conference 2023

ECCA Conference in Dublin