First event with stakeholder in Ogliastra, Sardinia

Project Update / November 14, 2023

Excerpt: Our Ogliastra demo site organised its first event with local stakeholder

Our demo site in Italy organised its first event with local stakeholder!

In Municipality of Tortolì, in the Ogliastra area in Sardinia Island, Italy, local stakeholders met to discuss which strategies can make the area more resilient to wildfires and reduce the impact of climate change.

The HuT project t is essential for regions and communities like Ogliastra where wildfire risk is a critical challenge. The project aims to address the impact of extreme climate events by integrating and promoting various risk management tools and approaches such as transdisciplinarity, systemic risk, co-production, cross-fertilization, transferability, and a long-term legacy.

In particular, Ogliastra will develop innovative and integrated modelling, financial, and participatory approaches to define effective pathways for adaptation and risk mitigation to reduce wildfire impact in the short and medium term.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates from Ogliastra demo site.


Photo provided by CMCC.

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