First newsletter of The HuT project

Newsletter / March 14, 2024

Excerpt: Read the first The HuT's newsletter to find out the latest activities of the project!

The first issue of The HuT’s is finally out!

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The Hut is a project that looks for effective strategies to manage the risks associated with extreme climate events. It aims to promote a set of trans-disciplinary risk management tools and approaches that could be adapted across different territorial contexts and hazards.


In this newsletter you will find the latest updates of The HuT: you will read about the activities of this first year discussed in Valencia in the last general assembly and, in particular, you will dive into some of the outputs related to the cooperation of science and art. The HuT also participated to several events such as Creative Effective Warnings for All conference and other clusters events such as CERIS in Brussels. Additionally, The HuT produced some Deliverables available within the resources and its first journalistic articleWhen theatre tackles the effects of climate extremes: The science-art approach to disaster risk reduction‘.

Do not miss The HuT’s presentation video to find out more!

Find the newsletter online or download the pdf format.

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