How art can raise awareness of climate change

Project Update / February 19, 2024

Excerpt: The artistic installation in The HuT's demo site in Valencia

Our demo site in Valencia is raising attention at the local and national level.

The artistic installation ‘Welcome to 2050’ developed by the artist, Salva Mascarell, together with students and professor Chele Esteve Sendra from UPV. The artistic installation has been built with pieces of a previous artistic installation that was destroyed by a storm in November 2023.

The installation consists of a completely closed polycarbonate greenhouse, which concentrates the heat of the sun so that visitors could experience the expected increase in temperature in the coming years. A bed of dry leaves alluded to the problem of drought. The installation is completed with a liquid landscape on a fabric, which is expected to discolour due to exposure to the sun during the two months that the piece remained in the Botanical Garden of Valencia and which was finally destroyed by the Ciarán storm.

After being held in the botanical garden of the University of Valencia, the installation is now being hosted by the Cultural Department of the City Council of Beniarjó. Added to this installation in Beniarjó there is an exhibition of a series of works included under the title of “Minimal Ecologies”, developed by the ‘Art y Entorno’, research group of the UPV. The exhibition is made up of about 50 visual works made mainly by women.

Spanish speakers can find web articles about the installation: El periodic, Las Provincias, Agenda365 and UPV.

Can art support science against climate extremes? Watch the video and find out how! The video explains the process behind the ideation and implementation of the artistic installation.

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