The HuT invited at the Projects to Policy Seminar

News release / June 19, 2023

Excerpt: CERIS (Community for European Research and Innovation for Security) organised a Seminar in Brussels on June 14th-15th , to raise awareness among the relevant policy DGs on the new projects that have been launched.

DG HOME (unit F2) and REA (unit C2) have jointly organised from 14th to 15th June the fourth edition of the Projects to Policy Seminar (PPS) where all the projects funded under the CL3 Secure Societies Call 2021 have been invited to participate.

The main objective of the event was to establish two-way communication between the projects and relevant Commission services. On one hand the event aimed to raise awareness of newly funded research projects among civil security policy makers in the European Commission services (e.g. DGs HOME, ECHO, ENV, SANTE, ENER, TAXUD, etc.). On the other hand, the event wanted to help projects to understand how they can best contribute to the implementation of related policies.

Timely communication of policy relevant results from the projects to relevant Commission services could in fact contribute, not only to their policy implementation but to their (policy) development. In addition, the event offered also as a good opportunity for networking and finding synergies among different projects.

The HuT was among the invited projects and had the chance to present its goals, challenges and solutions for building a safe haven to cope with climate extremes.

The project coordinator, Michele Calvello (Uni Salerno) and Ilaria Bonetti (ICONS) responsible for Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation activities, got in touch with several projects on similar topics, creating the premises for future collaborations and synergies.

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