The HuT is going to take part to ECCA Conference

News release / June 8, 2023

Excerpt: In occasion of ECCA Conference, partners from University of Salerno, CMCC and GERICS will lead a session on the connection between science and art

Our coordinator from University of Salerno, one of our colleagues from GERICS and one from CMCC will take part to ECCA Conference with an interesting and interactive session on climate extremes. The 6th European Climate Change Adaptation Conference (ECCA) wants to inspire all the experts involved in climate studies and services. The final goal would be to implement effective measures to adapt to the changing climate, especially in the face of increasingly frequent extreme weather events such as flooding, heatwaves and wildfire.

The HuT session will focus on the relation between science and art through a discussion of early warning systems and an improvised performance from Full Circle Playback Theatre.

Experts in this format called PT will collect personal stories from the audience and will enact them through words, movements and sounds. Such performance, thanks to its co-creative process, has the power to enable learning and change behavioural patterns for a better management of climate extremes.

The session “Climate Extremes: Warning Systems – Floods and Arts” will be held on June 21st at 14.15 in The Printworks Plenary.
If you’re at ECCA Conference, do not miss it!

Interested in this innovative approach for disaster risk reduction (DRR) activities? Stay tuned with The HuT project!

Photo provided by Full Circle Playback Theatre.

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