The HuT partecipated to CERIS event in Brussels

News release / December 11, 2023

Excerpt: The HuT discussed key topics together with sister projects during CERIS event

Last week, The HuT coordinator participated to the CERIS event in Brussels.

This yearly event focused on 4 main topics: crisis management, societal resilience and risk governance, technologies for first and second responders, interoperability.

The HuT participated to the Societal Resilience and Risk Governance topic, in the session entitled “Towards an all-society approach to disaster resilience: from research to policy recommendations“. The session was moderated by Nathan Clark with the panellists David Wales (ENGAGE project), Maike Vollmer (RISKPACC project), Michele Calvello (The Hut project), Max Steinhausen (DIRECTED project).

Some of the take aways from the session regard the need to engage with communities in all phases of the disaster management cycle. Efforts must be made on the side of authorities to learn how to best communicate with communities and to let them tell their stories so they can clearly say what they may need. This will facilitate long-term, sustainable learning from every natural hazard or man-made disaster in order to be better prepared and more equipped to jointly respond to, future climate extremes.


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