The North Sea coast of the Schleswig-Holstein State in Germany is a low-lying area, where the senior citizens and tourists live or visit the coastal harbour towns. The 466 km of North Sea coast has six harbour towns: Husum, Friedrichstadt, Tönning, Büsum, Brunsbüttel, and Glückstadt.

Investigated climate extremes

Sea level rise, future climate, extreme precipitation, and their cascading effects on flooding risks in the low-lying coastal areas. The coastal area is also more sensitive to extreme temperatures such as heatwaves and cold spells and cooling due to wet-bulb temperature. The higher evaporation and moisture levels increase the sensitivity of and risks to human health. The same issues are found in other coastal regions along the North Sea and the Baltic Sea coasts.

Main needs

  • To increase user-oriented capacity building in responding to early warning and long-term resilience.
  • To increase the awareness of decision-makers and communities about the expected variations of weather-induced risks.
  • To engage through innovative ways different sectors of society that are hardly involved, through innovative ways.

Territories with related risks

Berne Canton, Switzerland

Dorset, United Kingdom

Lattari mountains, Italy

Ogliastra, Italy

Valencia, Spain

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