The area includes 32 municipalities. The “Amalfi coast” and the “Sorrento coast” are world-famous for the beauty of their coastal environmental. The cultural heritage of this area is globally recognized as well; a best practice largely characterizing the landscape is the art of dry-stone walling inscribed in 2018 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Millions of foreign tourists (vs about 200,000 inhabitants) are hosted in the area each year.

Investigated climate extremes

The population and assets are under severe threat from weather conditions. Effects include: debris flows; flash floods in very small, orographically complex basins; rock slides and falls onto roads and railways; hail and storms over crops; and forest fires (often human-induced but aggravated by dry soil and heatwaves).

Main needs

  • To improve the assessment and the observation of weather forcing and associated impacts on the ground.
  • To make stakeholders more aware of the risks (in a special way, tourists completely unfamiliar with such hazards).
  • To support climate-proofing design and planning.

Territories with related risks

Berne Canton, Switzerland

Dorset, United Kingdom

Tisza River Basin, Hungary

East fjords, Iceland

Vilnius, Lithuania

Ogliastra, Italy

Schleswig-Holstein State, Germany

Val d’Aran Region, Spain

Latest updates about Lattari mountains

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Natural hazards claimed almost 60,000 lives in the first half of 2023 alone, and global warming is expected to trigger more extreme events in the coming years. “Breaking the silos” by combining theatre and science is one of the strategies being tested to prevent increasing losses and optimize disaster risk reduction.

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