The capital of Switzerland and a UNESCO World Heritage site is situated downstream of the head-watershed of the Aare River (about 1 million inhabitants). The location of Berne, a medium sized city, immediately downstream of an Alpine catchment can be upscaled to many comparable cities in a similar topographic and physiographic areas (e.g., Grenoble, France; Innsbruck, Austria).

Investigated climate extremes

Triggering meteorological forcing are rain-on-snow events, local convective rainfalls and upper air cold cut-off lows ultimately causing serious flooding in the area. Furthermore, compound, and cascading effects make situations worse: wood mobilisation in the upstream rivers often increases the flooding. Sediment from landslides and riverbank erosion and related floating wood can clogg up bridges weirs etc.

Main needs

  • To provide reliable guidance to the relevant bodies and citizens from the pre-alert level to the intervention.
  • To improve people’s knowledge about compound and cascading events

Territories with related risks

Dorset, United Kingdom

Tisza River Basin, Hungary

East fjords, Iceland

Vilnius, Lithuania

Lattari mountains, Italy

Schleswig-Holstein State, Germany

Val d’Aran Region, Spain

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